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The Back Deck

This website is my personal playground.  My name is Kevin Robinson, and I've had the most amazing life...the last 40 years of which I've enjoyed from a wheelchair.  I'm a C6/C7 quadriplegic, paralyzed from the chest down with no use of my fingers; and, yes, I have enjoyed nearly every day...especially for the last two decades.
But that's a story for another day...
  1. The Ghostwalker File
  2. The Big God Theory: A Layman's Journey in the American Christian Church
  3. The Grandfather and Grandmother Bear Stories

After 30 years as a freelance writer, columnist, essayist, short story author, novelist, and photographer, I tried to retire to the Florida Keys...but I suck at retirement.  The above are three books all written at St. Mulligan's Last Resort in the Keys.  (Now that we've moved to the mainland and become renters again, can we still give our apartment a cool name?)  If you're a book collector, you can still find some of my old out-of-print Stick Foster mysteries out there on the web! Also, look for the updated and illustrated edition of The Grandfather and Grandmother Bear Stories coming out soon. Artist Maddie Cole had my stories read to her as a child, by her mom and her grandmother. Now, this talented teenager has nearly completed a set of watercolor illustrations!

 During our first eight months in Tampa, I've joyously completed two additional books in the Ghostwalker Tribe Series and begun Book Four, The Sisterhood of the Rhinestone Eye. Watch for the cadet hat tie-in promotion in early 2018! Along with Getting Real: The Road to Personal Redemption, all my titles are available at Amazon.com.com and CreateSpace.com in either paperback or Kindle e-reader format.
(If you don't have a Kindle e-reader, you can get a FREE Kindle app for your phone, tablet, etc.)

Yup, You're Still on The Back Deck...
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What's coming next?  You're guess is almost as good as mine!