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Welcome to the Back Deck - Home of The Ghostwalker Tribe Series

John Ghostwalker's south Florida tribe of family and friends face a new challenge  in
book two:
The I.M.P. Master.

The Ghostwalker File is the first novel in a series of books about friendship, community, and love based in and around the Miami area. John D. Ghostwalker is a uniquely interesting character. His Native American family, his lady love, "Mac," and his coterie of friends draw readers into his world. We watched him grow up in The Ghostwalker File, and in​The I.M.P. Master, we catch a glimpse of what a committed group of friends can accomplish against seemingly insurmountable odds.
John Ghostwalker returns to his home in Miami from his visiting professorship stint at Haskell Indian Nations University to find that his Lady Love, Mac, and their friends have committed themselves to attempting a daring rescue in the middle of downtown. Seth Lowenstein, their intrepit ex-Navy SEAL has even flown in from Baltimore to lend his expertise. You might think John's Friday night poker crew (including a humor columnist, an NBA star, and a Pulitzer Prize winning​ Miami Herald reporter) an unlikely rescue team. You'd be right.

​The I.M.P. Master is a true to life drone technology thriller…very pertinent to current events. I could not put it down, and could not wait to read each page.  If you don't value sleep, this is your book!”     -- ​Pamela Dawes Tambornino, author of ​Maggie's Story: Teachings of a Cherokee Healer

 “​The I.M.P. Master is a plot-driven, often humorous, often tense thriller that combines the suspense of a great escape with likable, heroic characters and commendable ‘best of humanity’ values. Having now read all of Kevin Robinson's books, this is clearly his finest work yet. It is creative, heart-warming and downright fun to read.”   –-Dick Todd, author of ​Sitting Still

“Buckle up for a wild ride in Kevin Robinson's ​The I.M.P. Master. In this thriller novel miniature drones the size of bees sting and kill innocent people. Only a band of committed Miami denizens can stop a mysterious spy ring--for now!    
-- ​Denise Low, author of ​Melange Block and ​Jackolope

“Until I read Kevin Robinson’s new novel, ​The I.M.P. Master, I had no idea how much I liked this kind of book. Clever, suspenseful, and ingenious. I loved it! 
-- ​Bar Scott, singer/songwriter & author of ​The Present Giver and ​The Lone Writer's Writing Club

"I.M.P. Master is a thrill ride that drops a high-tech caper into South Florida with unexpected and hilarious results."   ~~ Kevin Wohler, author of The Alchemist’s Notebook

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The White Mouse
(Book Three)
is available
now at www.Amazom.com!

Old Joe Walking Fish recognized the "Red Chief" in Rachel Blackfeather long before she could see the warrior in herself, so he gave Rachel a copy of Nancy Wake's autobiography The White Mouse, and things began to change. Intrigued, Rachel moved on to the famous biography of the fearless female World War II spy written by Peter Fitzsimmons, and the changes in Rachel Blackfeather continued. When she asked her friend and micro-robotics engineer, Rosie Weathers, why Nancy Wake had made such a fuss over a book called Anne of Green Gables, Rosie bought the young girl an ancient copy. The changes, quite naturally, accelerated. 

Of course, 80-year-old Joe Walking Fish, revered elder of the Miccosukee tribe, had an ulteriour motive for nudging the 18-year-old in a different direction. Someone was dumping a new and highly toxic poison into the Florida Everglades, right there in the heart of their reservation, and Joe needed a young and courageous co-conspiritor in his quest to catch these polluters of the Great Mother.
The Ghostwalker File is now available in Audio-reader format, read by voice-over artist, Jim Foster.  Check out the audio-book,The Ghostwalker Tribe Series, and all of Kevin Robinson's other books here: